Your Weekly Faber


For your weekly dose of Marc Faber, I direct you to 4 videos from Yahoo’s “Tech Ticker,” which is their video interview series featuring relatively short clips and commentary. One point especially poignant – more people are unemployed than 10 years ago and our population (in USA) is 30 million higher – what a mess! We will have long time structural unemployment because many Americans are not trained and many aren’t willing to learn new skills – as opposed to many Asians who must work and learn to survive.

These 4 videos are 3-5 minutes long each. In them he:

1. rebuffs Ken Fisher (I have a video of the mass mail marketing money manager against Faber and I think Jim Rogers on my site from last year-  use the search box to find).

2. Discusses the drop of the dollar

3. Discusses the end of the Western world’s economies and capitalism as we know it.

Here are the links:

Faber 1, Faber 2, Faber 3, Faber 4


Chris Grande

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