Audit the Fed Full Steam Ahead


I opined previously on Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to Audit the Federal Reserve was gaining momentum. Now 3/4 of the House and 20+ members of the Senate have cosigned the bill – Amazing!

People realize the simple fact that the Fed bailing out companies and pumping money secretly into certain companies might be a bad idea – at least most people feel that light should be shed on the Fed’s actions. Now there is a website dedicated to this bill:

Audit the Fed

Go here for updates on this campaign – apparently, some people want to steal the momentum of this non-partisan sensible bill and use it to help propel some new “Big Daddy” government control bill.  Of course most of us who supported this bill initially would like to see it pass ALONE – we’re not interested in some politician using it for some other agenda.

Enjoy the site and use it to keep track – remember, right now, both our government and the Fed are taking actions that could tremendously destabilize the soundness of our currency. Printing money (which I have discussed much recently) and spending into massive deficits is building another time bomb worse than last Fall. Imagine this – the value of the dollar drops 25-30% and everything you buy, especially since we import so much, costs 30-40% more than it did just a couple of years previously – this is what might be in our future – if you don’t get involved, you will end up paying dearly.

Chris Grande