We’re Still Blowin’ Money On Our Overseas “Empire”


Occasionally, I get into politics on my site but the times I have, I was a bit too emotional. So recently, when I’ve addressed political issues, I have tried to be tamer as I made my point.

So I will attempt to do that today too!

News of note: Ron Paul commenting on government funding to foreign countries, the IMF, and the UN for such things as ‘peacekeeping” and “economic stabilization.” Congressman Paul’s points, that these organizations often fail to maintain peace (love that UN effort in Darfur) and regularly fail to help economically (IMF imposes foolish restrictions on the countries it “helps” which cause then oftentimes to fail miserably as a result of taking IMF money and following IMF rules).  Listen to Dr. Paul here:

Ron Paul

Most importantly, many Americans voted for President Obama due to the war issue (if 5% of people voted against McCain because of fears of continued Bush-like policies, then lack of a war issue might have meant no President Obama – FYI – I wrote in Ron Paul because I didn’t care for either of those two). That being said, we are committing another $106 BILLION to the war effort – I must ask those for whom our military expansions were a major concern – where is your voice now? This is NO DIFFERENT than when Bush was president. It’s just as President Eisenhower warned during his farewell address – “beware of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.” He warned that the MIC would always push for more war funding, more military expansion – apparently they got President Obama’s ear too.

Listen to what Ron Paul has to say. Then remember those words when our national debt sinks the ship.

Chris Grande