Barney Frank Embarrasses Himself on Air


I mentioned this in a post last week, but it was so ridiculous I had to give it its own post. Barney Frank, for no apparent reason, explodes in an emotional tirade that would make a teenage girl’s emotional instability look tame. Watch here:


I am not exactly sure what upset Frank , but he complains about being interrupted; however, he is NOT really interrupted.  It appeared to me like it was shaping up to be a typical back and forth interview.  And maybe there was a delay in the feed causing some miscommunication but after a gazillion years in Congress and all the interviews, Frank should expect that. and be more PATIENT.  My conclusion after watching is that he gave that hissy fit ON PURPOSE – I’m not sure why but I am certain (personally) that this was some kind of show (backfired in my opinion). Whatever it is, it’s not working – he just looked asinine.

Here’s more on Barney Frank – HERE

Chris Grande