Great Resume & Career Resource


I had the pleasure recently of meeting a fellow Tufts alumni with whom I had been corresponding for a bit.

He runs a nifty career & resume consulting practice out of Oakland, CA where he also provides consulting at a local community college. His name is Cliff Flamer and his practice is Brightside Resumes.

After discussing with him what he does, reviewing his accomplishments, and examining his achievements, I walked away super impressed. He also possesses a relaxed, but enthusiastic dimeanor that helps in his work I’m sure. If you are in career transition (or might be), go to Cliff’s site for a free resume assessment – but hurry – he told me last week that he has been so busy he might have to start charging for that service. You can go to Cliff’s site and contact him here:

I also added his site to my “Great Resources” list on the left!

Chris Grande