Too Much Government is Unacceptable

In the mess of all of these government bailouts, Americans are forgetting to keep a close eye on their government. Some may think these bailouts are good but in many cases, they are violations of the authority granted to various arms of government. When it occurs on a large scale, we think the issue is too big and tend to ignore it since we can’t get our hands around it, but when it occurs on a small scale, we can well see, more personally, the danger of intrusive government.

Check out this video interview of two simple folks in Ohio who were part of a food co-op which was raided by the Ohio State Agriculture Department:


This comes from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty site – the goal of which is to reduce government encroachment of personal liberties. We very much have, from top to bottom, “government gone wild” in the USA. Get involved if you can. And people laugh when some of us recommend that people own gold coins.

Chris Grande