Wood Stoves Flyin’ Off the Shelves

I recently visited some friends in Maine. Driving up Route 16 through Conway, NH and then heading East toward Fryeburg, ME,  I noticed just how much life is different up there. The businesses lining the sides of the road include wood carvers, roof rakers, prefab house sellers, and wood stove sales outfits. I don’t see this line up of companies when I drive through Medford!

Arriving at my friends’ home, I soon bring up my prior recommendation to them to get solar electricity panels installed on their roof. My goal for them (they’re also clients) is to be totally “personally utility independent.” I won’t expound on my earlier posts on the rising costs of oil, gas, electricity and being captive to government or large utility companies (which are so regulated, they are simply an extension of government). But I will reiterate that if you live somewhere where this is all possible, I highly recommend you investigate solar for electricity, well water, and a wood stove to supplement heating.


Wood Stoves 

I have mentioned wood stoves in the past but in talking to my friends in Maine, I can see that many people have jumped on this idea as there is now, at minimum, a 3 month backlog in the Fryeburg area on orders for wood pellet stoves and regular wood stoves! And don’t even try to get pellets – another friend notified me of a 6 month backup on pellets in Massachusetts.

Regardless of all these problems in supply, I do think many people should consider the purchase of a wood stove. They provide amazing levels of heat and when you see your oil bill at over $5/gallon for the coming season, you may feel the cost is well worth it.

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