Entrepreneurship Solving Global Poverty

After decades of throwing money at developing economies hoping that piles of cash or food would solve problems and realizing that the money often went into the slimy pockets of local criminals (who were often government workers- what a surprise), it was no surprise that social enterprise and using business as a form of economic development would arise.

Locally, a new non profit firm was started in June 2007 as a source of funding and ideas to promote social enterprise and entrepreneurism as an effective and truly fair way to help people rise from poverty. S.E.Ven Fund, Inc (Social Equity Venture Fund, Inc.) was started by Michael Fairbanks and Andreas Widmer. both gentlemen bring years of experience in developing businesses in the US and in developing economies with Mr. Fairbanks playing a significant role in the revitalization of war-torn Rwanda. Mr. Widmer helped many start up companies grow their organizations and has experience in global sales and development.

Currently they are offering an essay contest for students and graduate students and offering a $10,000 and $20,000 scholarship respectively. Here is the question:

Please review the videos called, “The Entrepreneur President, Paul Kagame of Rwanda,” Parts One and Two (available at www.sevenfund.org/essayresources) For purposes of this essay, assume the role of policy advisor to President Kagame, and consider these videos your personal briefing on his top priorities. In response, write a 2000 word essay with policy recommendations that put President Kagame’s vision into practice. The essay should use the first person, and be persuasive. The introductory sentence might even begin, “Your Excellency, I understand your vision and here are my policy recommendations.”

If you would like to enter the competition or know a student who may like to enter, go here:

Seven Essay Contest

Learn more about S.E.Ven Fund here:

S.E.Ven Fund, Inc.


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