Same Problems Here…

I am still in Ireland. Today I wandered downtown Dublin and tomorrow I will go west to see some of the more rustic parts of the country and take in some more traditions such as step dancing, the Blarney Stone, traveling around County Kerry, etc.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the problems here are the same as the US. I open the paper and see problems regarding terrorism, mortgage regulation, falling house prices, social issues, etc. Hey, give everyone red and blond hair and we still have the same issues – amazing…

By the way, did you see the house price data released today? Check this out:

Yahoo Finance Article

As I mentioned before, this will be more painful than the correction from 89-92 in my opinion.

On an interesting note, A disproportionate number of Irish people (read women) would be quite attractive if not for their European tendency to be chain smokers. Goes back to an older article here I wrote on paying for health insurance. I would rather pay $300/month than face 35% taxes, gas taxes of 5-6 dollars per gallon (London prices about $9/gallon and Dublin prices about $5/gallon), and embedded sales taxes of 17.5% (VAT). What say you?

Chris Grande


from Dublin

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