Skype is a Good Deal


With increasing wifi internet access across the US and the world, VOIP, or talking on the phone through the internet has become a much easier proposition for most people. In addition costs for using such plans are miniscule.

Specifically, I’ve been using Skype for business for some time now and find it easy to use and very clear. One year of unlimited calling in the US costs roughly $30 for the year. Of course it makes sense to have a broadband internet connection and a relatively new & capable computer since these programs can use a lot of RAM and bandwidth. If you have this then you could replace your home phone with a mobile phone backed up by a service like Skype.

Skype recently announced lower plan rates for US plans, North American plans, and World plans:


Also just so you know, you don’t need a plan to talk to other Skype users in most countries¬† -so if your sister lives in Florida and you live in MA, you could talk free Skype to Skype.¬† Check it out and see if it makes sense for you.

PS – I don’t work for Skype and they don’t pay me anything – though if you work for Skype and want to send me a check, go ahead and I will notify readers then :).